Welcome to Heart & Soul Tae Kwon Do

Heart & Soul Tae Kwon Do offers instruction in the traditional Korean martial arts of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, as well as  INSANITY fitness Classes.  Heart & Soul Tae Kwon Do is located in Fruitvale, BC.  Instruction at Heart & Soul  focuses on practical techniques and self-defense while building whole body conditioning.  

Heart & Soul offers in-depth instruction for the enrichment of the practitioner in mind, body, and spirit.  Tae Kwon Do was developed by the Korean with Sport competition not being the primary focus of instruction, however for interested students we offer the opportunity for tournament participation.

Instruction at Heart & Soul Tae Kwon Do is led by Master Jakki Van Hemert. Master Jakki is a:

  • 5th Degree - Kukkiwon certified Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do
  • 3rd Degree - Korea Hapkido Association certified black belt in Hapkido
  • 1st Degree - International Kumbub-Kumdo Federation Certified black belt in Kumdo
  • Certified INSANITY Fitness Instructor

All Tae Kwon Do black belt certifications for Heart & Soul Tae Kwon Do are registered through the Kukkiwon World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters.  Heart & Soul is also a lifetime member of the United States Chang Moo Kwan Union. (USCTU)

For more information, please feel free to email or call Master Jakki at 250-921-9090.

The space is available for rent, see schedule on the Class Info Page or Here.


- The Christmas Party is scheduled for Thursday, December 11th, from 5pm – 8pm. There is no obligation to attend, however, I would like to get one big group picture of all students to help celebrate 1 year! Please try to make it for that even if you cannot stay for the potluck. I am lucky to have such an amazing set of students and parents that help make our martial arts family a success, and I’d like to get the group photo to document the occasion. 

- There is a sign-up at the gym to ensure we have a good mix of food for the potluck. 
- Please come in uniform for the picture, and bring something to change into before we eat. 
- The gym will be closed from December 22 – January 2nd for all classes (Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Insanity). A credit will be applied in January for lost monthly fees to account for this. Private lessons will still be available if scheduled. Thank you for being part of our growing family, and I wish everyone successful testing and a great holiday season!